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MUSHclient scripting

Description of MUSHclient world function: world.DoAfterNote

Name DoAfterNote
Type Method
Summary Adds a one-shot, temporary note timer - simplified interface
Prototype long DoAfterNote(long Seconds, BSTR NoteText);

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This routine adds an unlabelled, temporary, one-shot note timer, set to go off after the designated number of seconds. The first argument (seconds) must evaluate to a time between 0.1 second, and 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds (that is, 0.1 to 86,399).

From version 3.61 onwards of MUSHclient the interval may include fractions (ie. it is a floating-point number). This lets you set up sub-second intervals (eg. 0.5 seconds, 1.2 seconds).

To enable this you need to go to Global Configuration -> Timers and set the 'Timer Interval' in seconds to zero.

The maximum granularity of the timers is currently 0.1 seconds. In other words, regardless of what you specify, the timers are only checked every 10th of a second.

When the time elapses the text will be "noted" - that is, displayed in the output window, not sent to the MUD.

You can also use DoAfter if you wish to send to the world.

The purpose of this is simplify the frequent case of simply wanting to do something in a few seconds, rather than using AddTimer.

WARNING - as DoAfterNote is implemented by using temporary MUSHclient timers, it will not work if timers are disabled. If DoAfterNote is not working for you (however the function call is returning zero) then ensure that timers are enabled in the Timers configuration dialog.

Note: Available in version 3.18 onwards.

VBscript example
world.DoAfterNote 60, "Spell has worn off!"
Jscript example
world.DoAfterNote (60, "Spell has worn off!");
PerlScript example
$world->DoAfterNote (60, "Spell has worn off!");
Python example
world.DoAfterNote (60, "Spell has worn off!")
Lua example
DoAfterNote (60, "Spell has worn off!")
Returns eTimeInvalid: The time is invalid (seconds not in range 0.1 to 86,399).
eOK: added OK

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Introduced in version 3.18

See also ...

Function Description
AddTimer Adds a timer
DoAfter Adds a one-shot, temporary timer - simplified interface
DoAfterSpecial Adds a one-shot, temporary, timer to carry out some special action
DoAfterSpeedWalk Adds a one-shot, temporary speedwalk timer - simplified interface

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