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Queues a command for sending at the "speed walk" rate.


long Queue(BSTR Message, boolean Echo);

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Queues the supplied command for sending to the MUD at the designated "speed walk" rate. This is for sending commands slowly, because quick sending might be inappropriate.

If the speed walk delay (SpeedWalkDelay property) is zero, then using Queue is exactly the same as using Send.

If Echo is true then the commands are echoed to the output window (as they are sent, not as they are queued).

If the speed walk delay is not zero, then the supplied message is appended to the end of the command queue. The command is split up at line breaks (whenever a carriage-return/linefeed combination is found), and each line is sent, separated by a delay of SpeedWalkDelay milliseconds.

Periodically (every SpeedWalkDelay milliseconds) the command at the top of the command queue is retrieved and sent to the MUD, and echoed in the output window if required.

If you want to bypass the queue (eg. to say something) then use SendImmediate.

VBscript example

world.queue world.evaluatespeedwalk ("4n"), true

Jscript example

world.queue(world.evaluatespeedwalk("4n"), true);

PerlScript example

$world->queue($world->evaluatespeedwalk("4n"), true);

Python example

world.queue(world.evaluatespeedwalk("4n"), True)

Lua example

Queue (EvaluateSpeedwalk("4n"), true)

Lua notes

The echo flag is optional, and defaults to true.

Return value

eWorldClosed : The world is closed
eItemInUse : Cannot be called from within OnPluginSent script callback
eOK: Queued OK

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(DiscardQueue) Discards the speed walk queue
(EvaluateSpeedwalk) Evaluates a speed walk string
(GetQueue) Returns a variant array which is a list of queued commands
(Note) Sends a note to the output window
(Send) Sends a message to the MUD
(SendImmediate) Sends a message to the MUD immediately, bypassing the speedwalk queue
(SpeedWalkDelay) The number of milliseconds delay between speed walk commands

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