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Configure numeric keypad

Use this dialog to configure what is sent if you press one of the numeric keypad keys. The string you enter is sent through command processing so you can put aliases here.

Enable Keypad Keys

If checked, the configured strings are sent.

If not checked, the numbers on the keys are sent (eg. key "2" would be "2").

Show Contents If CTRL Held Down

If checked, you see what is sent if the Ctrl key is held down (eg. Ctrl+2).

If unchecked, you see what is sent if the Ctrl key is not held down.


To do more elaborate things (like expanding variables, running scripts) enter a nonsense word as what to send, and then make an alias to "catch" that word, and do the extra processing in the alias. One way of doing this is to use the Edit -> Generate Unique ID menu item to generate a unique word, like this:


This is unlikely to be something you would normally want to type into the MUD. Then make an alias to match on "381e051a828fb201b6914699" (or whatever word you choose) and make the alias do things like expand variables, call scripts, etc.

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(ConfigureKeypad) Sets numeric keypad options


Generate Unique ID

(Help topic: dialog=IDD_PREFS_P12)

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