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Grand Idea...

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Posted by Dralnu   USA  (277 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Tue 24 May 2005 06:26 PM (UTC)
This is probably the wrong place, so do forgive me

I had this grand idea. A whole mud, put together by some of the best coders for SMAUG gettin together and pretty much rebuilding the system, getting a group of good builders together, and basically building just a massive mud w/ almost everything in it and plenty of things to do. ect.
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Posted by Nick Cash   USA  (626 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #1 on Tue 24 May 2005 08:59 PM (UTC)
Wouldn't it be great? However, not everyone has the time to devote to such a project. Not to mention coder's have different styles and opinions on how one thing or another should be done. A few I know (not a whole lot, but a few) don't even like constructive criticism (which is ok, if they want their code to suck I can't help that).

However, if you could do it it would be fantastic :)

~Nick Cash
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Posted by Dralnu   USA  (277 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #2 on Tue 24 May 2005 10:55 PM (UTC)
I'd need some people willing to help, plus everything else o.o
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Posted by Robert Powell   Australia  (367 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #3 on Wed 25 May 2005 12:57 AM (UTC)
Oh the Grand Idea's we all have. I think we all have had such fantasys at some time in our lives, its just a pitty that reality is so much different.

To think of it, i stopped advertizing for staff a long time ago, for the last 18 months i have pretty much been the only member of my staff.

Mostly i dont realy care is anyone ever plays my mud, tho i would like to clean up the code i have and release it for others to use. Im not that protectionist to think that i have the next greatest thing in mudding, but rather i have a Smaug that contains a collection of elements from many different mudding spheres that i find interesting and fun.

But befor i do all that im going to pull out all my own code and release it as snippets, just for the hell of it.

Just a guy having a bit of fun. Nothing more, nothing less, I do not need I WIN to feel validated.
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Posted by Valna   (15 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #4 on Mon 27 Jun 2005 08:47 PM (UTC)
If you really intend on doing something like that you're going to have to be a little more specific about what kind of game you're planning on creating. As mentioned earlier everyone has different ideas. What theme are you looking for? What are the best elements from all smaug spheres? The thing that muds have been lacking for the last five years is inspiration. Don't approach it with technical apptitude, approach it with creative energy. If you have a solid concept for an immersive roleplaying environment, the technically inclined people could be more easily convinced. No one is going to waste their time on a directionless, ephemeral concept.
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It is now over 60 days since the last post. This thread is closed.     [Refresh] Refresh page

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