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Random things in the mud...

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Posted by Nick Cash   USA  (626 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Sat 14 Jun 2003 03:35 AM (UTC)
Quick question. Is there a way to make it in area resets so a room loads a random mob (between a couple..) or an object radomly (between a couple..), or make it so that an exit is randomly selected, say a room connects north, but randomly is connect ne instead of north? Anyway, ideas, examples, snippets I could use to code this in if its not?

Thanks as always for any and all help.

~Nick Cash
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Posted by Celestine   (29 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #1 on Sat 14 Jun 2003 04:08 AM (UTC)
You might want to look at the astral plane area for the random exits thing. The astral plane is fixed exits, but the room it goes to is random (I think).
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Posted by Meerclar   USA  (733 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #2 on Sat 14 Jun 2003 06:19 PM (UTC)
The best way to do random mob loadings is with a mob program. There is no hardcoded support for such a feature but thats not a problem for a talented builder. Same style program can handle random objects as well. As far as random exits, the RANDOM rflag scrambles the links for all existing exits in the room. Does wonders to screw up players that use bot scripts extensively.

Meerclar - Lord of Cats
Coder, Builder, and Tormenter of Mortals
Stormbringer: Rebirth
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Posted by Boborak   USA  (228 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #3 on Sat 14 Jun 2003 08:05 PM (UTC)
I'm quite sure Whiteknight runs a SWR mud. Which is modified Smaug1.2. Never the less, the RANDOM rflag doesn't exist in stock SWR.

The RANDOM reset may be an option. It's my understanding it'll randomly open a door in a room out of a range of exits. Setting all of the exits to hidden and pointing them to the same room would accomplish the same affect. Then again, that's considering the 'random' reset does what I think it does. Never actually used it ;-P
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It is now over 60 days since the last post. This thread is closed.     [Refresh] Refresh page

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