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Name: Curtis_D
Country: (undisclosed)
Age: 34
On since: Thu 23 Feb 2012
Biography: I hope to one day build my own MUCK, but I would like for it to be utilized through MUSHClient. To do this I am trying to learn the ins-and-outs of MUSHClient scripting so that I can eventually build some preferred plugins for the users. My current goals that I am trying to accomplish in the MUCK I'm in these days are as follows: Goal 1- Make an "OOC chat" window that get all output that begins with "<OOC>" redirected into it. Also include a command section that auto submits texts with the command "ooc" Goal 2 - *COMPLETED* Make another window where all text beginning with "<public>", "<debate>", and "<page>" get redirected into it. Goal 3 -When a battle starts a section on the display shows the battle data which the MUCK display in between every action. Refresh each time it displays. Goal 4 - For the battle section, it displays attacks and options as well. I would like to make each of these clickable so that it executes the word when you click it.
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