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Name: Nick Gammon
Country: Australia
On since: Mon 05 Feb 2001
Biography: I'm the author of MUSHclient, SMAUG/ROM Area Editor, and various other programs. I have been programming for over 40 years on various operating systems, including NCR, Burroughs, Prime, DEC, Apple II, Commodore 64, Amstrad, Macintosh, MSDOS, Windows 95/98/NT, Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. I have coded in NEAT/3, BPL, Fortran, Cobol, Forth, Pascal, C, C++, Basic, Visual Basic, Java Script, HTML, PHP, ASP, SQL, various assemblers, Postscript, and Lua. I have been interested in adventure games, including MUD games, for quite a few years. I wrote MUSHclient to help me play MUDs, have ported a few MUD servers from Unix to Windows, and developed my own MUD server (still a work in progress). I am currently using Windows XP for my Windows development, running under VirtualBox on Ubuntu, Windows XP for games, and Ubuntu (Linux) for Unix development. I also wrote the software for this forum site from scratch, using PHP and MySQL. These days I write small utility programs in the Lua scripting language, which is extremely flexible, not only for embedded scripting, but for standalone applications. More recently I have been doing work on microprocessors, particularly the 8-bit Atmel line, such as the Atmega328P, as used on the Arduino Uno. I have been a Global Moderator on the Arduino forum for a few years now.
Posts: 21,677
Home page: http://www.gammon.com.au

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