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MUSHclient scripting Setup

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Updated 11th June 1997.

Downloading VBscript and JScript

To download the above scripting languages, please see the following Web page:


Preliminary scripting documentation

Some preliminary scripting information is included in the MUSHclient help file. Go to Help > Contents and find the "scripting" entry (see below). This will give quite a bit of information.

Help screen - 7K

You may find that you don't have a "contents" tab. To fix this rename the files in your MUSHclient directory as follows:

Old name New name

An example of setting up for scripting

A typical setup of the "scripts" configuration tab for using scripting would be:

Script setup - 14K

Note that:

The subroutines to handle OnWorldOpen and so on are not very complicated in my test program. They are:

sub OnWorldOpen
world.note "---------- World Open ------------"
end sub

sub OnWorldClose
world.note "---------- World Close ------------"
end sub

sub OnWorldConnect
world.note "---------- World Connect ------------"
end sub

sub OnWorldDisconnect
world.note "---------- World Disconnect  ------------"
end sub

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