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Release notes for MUSHclient version 5.06

Version 5.06

1. Added script function SetUnseenLines which allows you to control the number of unseen lines from the MUD (a counter). This can be used to "ignore" uninteresting lines.

[master 6c977de]

2. If a trigger omits from output, and trigger evaluation in all plugins has been cancelled, then the lines omitted are also omitted from the "recent lines" list. This may change how multi-line triggers are evaluated. Suggested by Fiendish.

[master d9706ab]

3. Modified the way fixed fonts are handled in some dialogs to that the FixFont function is only called if fixed-width fonts are wanted.

[master 2d7a2bb]

4. Modified the way WindowCreate works in an attempt to fix a problem with the contents of miniwindows not always redrawing correctly.

[master 1f98833]

5. Modified miniwindows blending functions to round rather than truncate in order to avoid some obscure problems with blending at less than 100% opacity.

[master 5411e489]

6. Modified the way internal notepad windows are created, and also changed the way text is translated. This is designed to work around an issue where incorrect text was shown in notepad titles.

[master 86586c87, ed1aa5d]

7. Modified the way that plugin path names are saved when saving the world file. There is now a case-insensitive compare of the default plugins directory to the full pathname of the current plugin. This means that plugins which are in the default plugins directory should be saved with a relative path.

[master 95d4dcb]

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