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MUSHclient scripting

Description of MUSHclient world function: world.WindowText

Name WindowText
Type Method
Summary Draws text into a miniwindow
Prototype long WindowText(BSTR WindowName, BSTR FontId, BSTR Text, long Left, long Top, long Right, long Bottom, long Colour, BOOL Unicode);

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This draws some text in miniwindow.

Note that changes to miniwindows will not become visible until the output window is redrawn. This happens when new (visible) lines arrive from the MUD, or if you call WindowShow, or Redraw.

This function does not do anything special for newlines, carriage-returns, tabs etc. Probably a box or graphical character will be drawn if you attempt to use them. To handle changing lines you will need to do a second WindowText with the Y (Top) parameter increased. To handle tabbing you would need to increase the X (Left) parameter.


WindowName - the name of an existing miniwindow.

FontId - a font id that you have loaded.

Text - the text to be drawn (maximum of 8192 characters)

Left, Top, Right, Bottom - describes the rectangle to be drawn.

Colour - what colour to draw the text in (RGB)

Unicode - if true, the text is Unicode text in UTF-8 format

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Note: Available in version 4.34 onwards.

Lua example
WindowText (win, "f", "Quest Log",
            5, 10, 0, 0,  -- rectangle
            ColourNameToRGB ("blue"), 
            false) -- not Unicode
WindowText (win, "f2", "MUSHclient",
            5, 40, 0, 0,  -- rectangle
            ColourNameToRGB ("saddlebrown"), 
            false) -- not Unicode
Returns If successful, returns the number of pixels the text took horizontally. Thus, by adding that to the "Left" parameter, you can draw some more text to the right of what was just drawn.

If unsuccessful, returns a negative number as follows:

-1 : That window name does not exist
-2 : That font was not loaded
-3 : For Unicode, invalid UTF-8 sequence
Introduced in version 4.34

See also ...

Function Description
WindowCreate Creates a miniwindow
WindowFont Loads a font into a miniwindow
WindowFontInfo Returns information about a font
WindowFontList Lists all fonts loaded into a miniwindow
WindowTextWidth Calculates the width of text in a miniwindow

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