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MUSHclient scripting

Description of MUSHclient world function: world.GetWorldWindowPosition

Name GetWorldWindowPosition
Type Method
Summary Returns the position and size of the current world window
Prototype BSTR GetWorldWindowPosition();

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This function returns the size of the current world's window, in pixels.

For normal scripting languages these return a string, like this: "0,0,669,479". For Lua, see below.

To specify a window other than the first window either use Lua (see below) or the function GetWorldWindowPositionX.

Note: Available in version 3.60 onwards.

VBscript example
Note GetWorldWindowPosition
Jscript example
Note (GetWorldWindowPosition ())
Lua example
table.foreach (GetWorldWindowPosition(), print)
Lua notes
In Lua it returns a table with four entries, like this:

top 0
height 479
left 0
width 669

Lua has an optional argument which is the window number to examine. The first (main) window is window 1.

If you do Window -> New Window then you will get more windows, these will be 2, 3, 4 and so on.

You can use GetInfo (235) to find how many windows are currently open.

If you specify a window that does not exist you will get a nil result.


When using Lua the function GetWorldWindowPosition can take an optional second argument. If true, the world window position is reported in screen co-ordinates (that is, relative to the top-left corner of your monitor) rather than the default of relative to the main MUSHclient window. This lets you write plugins (like graphical status bars) that know where the world window is actually on the screen, so they can be drawn to be nearby.


When using Lua the function GetWorldWindowPosition can take an optional third argument. If true, a different method of calculating the window position is used (calling GetWindowRect rather than GetWindowPlacement). This method gives a more accurate result if you use "Aero Snap" under Windows 7 or higher. However it may return inaccurate results if the window is minimized.


GetMainWindowPosition (true)

The default is false, the original behaviour.

Also the top and left positions, when the third argument is true, are slightly different to those supplied when it is false, for reasons that are not completely obvious, but might be the height of the title bar and the width of the scroll bars.
Returns Returns a string in the form:


eg. "0,0,669,479"

For Lua, returns a table containing:

Introduced in version 3.60

See also ...

Function Description
GetMainWindowPosition Returns the position and size of the main MUSHclient window
GetNotepadWindowPosition Returns the position and size of the specified notepad window
GetWorldWindowPositionX Returns the position and size of a specific world window
MoveMainWindow Move and resize the main MUSHclient window
MoveNotepadWindow Move and resize the specified notepad window
MoveWorldWindow Move and resize a world window
MoveWorldWindowX Move and resize a specific world window

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