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Get information about a chat connection


VARIANT GetChatInfo(long ChatID, short InfoType);

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Gets details about the specified chat session.

You can obtain one of 41 "types" of information about the chat session by specifying an "InfoType". The possible InfoTypes are:

1: Server name
2: User (ie. their chat name)
3: Group name
4: Client version
5: Call IP (address to call to get them)
6: Address (address they actually are)
7: Port (incoming port)
8: Call port (port to call them on)
9: Status
10: Type (0 = MudMaster protocol)
11: ID (internal chat ID)
12: Incoming (true = they called us, false = we called them)
13: Can snoop flag
14: Snooping flag
15: They are snooping us flag
16: Send commands flag
17: Private flag
18: Can send files flag
19: Ignore them flag
20: Recent ping time
21: Started at time
22: Last message in time
23: Last message out time
24: Started file transfer time
25: We are transferring a file flag
26: File transfer is a send (false = receive)
27: File name being transferred
28: Full file path (on our disk)
29: File size bytes
30: File blocks
31: Blocks already transferred
32: Block size
33: Incoming personal count
34: Incoming all count
35: Incoming group count
36: Outgoing personal count
37: Outgoing all count
38: Outgoing group count
39: Messages count
40: File xfer bytes in count
41: File xfer bytes out count
42: zChat stamp ID
43: Email address (from zChat)
44: PGP key (from zChat) - not used by MUSHclient
45: Status number (from zChat)
46: User option value (long)

Available in MUSHclient version 3.37 onwards.

VBscript example

Note "Version: " & GetChatInfo (id, 4)

Jscript example

Note ("Version: " + GetChatInfo (id, 4));

PerlScript example

Note ("Version: " . GetChatInfo (id, 4));

Python example

world.Note ("Version: " + str (world.GetChatInfo (id, 4)))

Lua example

Note ("Version: " .. GetChatInfo (id, 4))

Return value

The specified information about the chat session, as described above.
A NULL variant if the chat session does not exist.
An EMPTY variant if the InfoType is not a valid type.

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(ChatAcceptCalls) Accepts incoming chat calls
(ChatCall) Calls a chat server (makes an outgoing call) using the MudMaster chat protocol
(ChatCallzChat) Calls a zChat chat server (makes an outgoing call)
(ChatDisconnect) Disconnects a current chat call
(ChatDisconnectAll) Disconnects all current chat calls
(ChatEverybody) Sends a chat message to every connected chat user
(ChatGetID) Looks up what chat ID (identifier) corresponds to a particular chat name
(ChatGroup) Sends a chat message to every connected chat user in the specified group
(ChatID) Sends a chat message to a particular chat session
(ChatMessage) Sends a message to a chat user (raw format)
(ChatNameChange) Changes your chat name
(ChatNote) Does a note using ANSI codes for the chat system
(ChatPasteEverybody) Pastes the clipboard contents to every connected person
(ChatPasteText) Pastes the clipboard contents to that person
(ChatPeekConnections) Sends a "peek connections" message to the specified chat user
(ChatPersonal) Sends a chat message to a particular person
(ChatPing) Sends a ping message to the specified chat user
(ChatRequestConnections) Sends a "request connections" message to the specified chat user
(ChatSendFile) Starts sending a file to the specified chat user
(ChatStopAcceptingCalls) Stops this world from accepting chat calls
(ChatStopFileTransfer) Stops a file transfer in progress to that chat user
(GetChatList) Gets the list of chat sessions
(GetChatOption) Gets the value of a chat session option
(SetChatOption) Sets the value of a chat session option

(Help topic: function=GetChatInfo)

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