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Activity window

This is the "activity list" window that shows all open worlds, and whether you have new activity in them.

You can click and drag the headings around to change the order of the columns.


You can activate any word in the list by double-clicking its line in the activity window.

In the case of the first 10 worlds you can activate (go to) any of the first 10 worlds by pressing Ctrl+N where N is the world number (eg. Ctrl+1 for world 1, Ctrl+2 for world 2, and so on up to Ctrl+0 for the 10th world).

You can also right-mouse-click on any world in the list and choose "switch to world" from the pop-up menu.


This is the internal sequence number of the world. It starts at 1 for the first world opened, and increases by 1 for each open world. You can determine the sequence in which worlds open by putting a list of worlds in the "worlds to open at startup" in the global configuration.


This is the internal world name, which you can alter from the first world configuration screen.


This shows the number of new lines received from that world since it was last active. If non-zero, then there is output that has arrived that you have not read yet.


This shows the number of lines that have arrived from that world.


This shows the world status (eg. open, closed, connecting).


This shows when you connected to the world.


This shows how long you have been connected to the world.

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Activity window
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