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MXP / Pueblo

MXP active/inactive

Shows whether MXP is active or not at present.

Use MXP/Pueblo:

Select when to switch into MXP mode. Choices are:

* When the MUD commands - the preferred choice.
* When the MUD queries if you support MXP or not.
* Always on - usually only use this for testing MXP
* Always off - used to inhibit MXP.

Detect Pueblo initiation string

If checked switch into Pueblo mode when one of the following strings arrives:

"This world is Pueblo 1.0 Enhanced"
"This world is Pueblo 1.10 enhanced."

MXP debug level:

Select level of MXP errors to display. Choices are:

* None - no errors or warnings are shown
* Errors - major errors in MXP tags are shown (in a separate text window)
* Warnings - shows doubtful MXP tags
* Information - shows some pure information messages (eg. when starting up)
* The lot - shows every tag as it arrives

Each level includes the previous level (eg. selecting warnings will also show errors).


Customise format for MXP hyperlinks.

Custom link colour:

Click on the colour swatch to choose the colour for MXP hyperlinks.

Use custom link colour

If checked, use the custom link colour.

MUD can change link colour

If checked, let the MUD override the custom link colour if it wants.

Underline hyperlinks

If checked, hyperlinks are underlined.

MUD can remove underline

If checked, the MUD can remove the underline from hyperlinks.

Save hyperlink mouse clicks in history

If checked, if you click a hyperlink, the hyperlinked text is entered into the command history (eg. if the hyperlink sends "north" then "north" is entered in the command history).

Echo hyperlink mouse clicks in output

If checked, if you click a hyperlink, the hyperlinked text is echoed in the output window.

Ignore colour changes

If checked, ignore attempts by the MUD to change the text/background colour, except through ANSI sequences.

Send AFK response

If checked, respone to the MXP "afk" tag.

MUD can change some options

If checked, the MUD can configure some of the client options itself (eg. allowing itself to change hyperlink colours).

Reset tags

CLick to reset outstanding tags. You might do this if the MUD had somehow gone into underline mode, and you had pages of underlined text. Clicking "reset" will set the text back to normal.

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