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Special Map Movement

This lets you add special movement commands to the automapper sequence.

Special commands are those not automatically recognised by MUSHclient as commands that move you somewhere.

The standard commands are:

n (north), s (south), e (east), w (west), ne, se, nw, sw, u (up) and d (down)

The directions in brackets are synomyms - either may be used.

Any other "movement" command must be entered via this dialog, or the mapper will not record it.

MUSHclient generates a speedwalk string like this:


This is consistent with the speedwalk syntax used when doing normal speedwalking. The characters before the "/" are the forwards direction, the characters after the "/" are the reverse direction.


Enter the "forwards" action - the one you want to take right now.

For example:

@teleport 1234
unlock west
use key
go portal
mount horse
board boat


You can also enter the "reverse" command, which is what you need to do when going back the way you came.

@teleport 3421
lock east
go portal
dismount horse
go shore

Send to MUD

If checked, the forwards command is sent to the MUD. This is the default behaviour, so that the command is recorded (in the mapper) and done immediately, so that you see the effects of it.

If, for some reason, you want to add commands to the mapping sequence, but not actually send them to the MUD, then uncheck this.

See Also ...


Speed walking


(DoMapperSpecial) Do a non-standard direction command


Map Comment


(AddMapperComment) Adds a comment to the auto-map sequence
(AddToMapper) Adds a mapping direction to the auto-map sequence
(DeleteAllMapItems) Deletes the all items from the auto-mapper sequence.
(DeleteLastMapItem) Deletes the most recently-added item from the auto-mapper sequence.
(EnableMapping) Enables or disables the auto-mapper
(GetMappingCount) Gets a count of the number of items in the auto-map sequence
(GetMappingItem) Gets one item from the auto-map sequence
(GetMappingString) Returns the speedwalk string generated by the auto-mapper.
(Mapping) A flag to indicate whether we are mapping the world
(RemoveMapReverses) A flag to indicate whether we backtracks are removed during mapping

(Help topic: dialog=IDD_MAP_MOVE)

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