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The auto-mapper allows you to remember which directions you have walked to make it easy to retrace your steps next time, or to reverse your route and go back.


If checked, the mapper is enabled (active).

Special Move...

Click to make a special move that the mapper will not automatically recognise (such as "teleport", "open gate", "open door").

Current route:

Shows the currently-recorded route.

Reverse route:

Shows the reverse of the current route.

Failure message:

Enter a message here that you receive from the MUD to show you could not go the way you just attempted to go.

You type "north"
MUD replies "Alas, you cannot go that way."

If you might receive multiple messages you should make a "regular expression" message, that lists alternatives. You can use the "|" symbol to do that. For example:

(You cannot go (north|south|east|west).)|(The door is locked)

Regular Expression

If checked, the failure message is a regular expression.

Remove All ...

Click to remove all directions from the current auto-map sequence.

Remove Last

Click to remove the last directions from the current auto-map sequence. You might do this if your last attempt to walk failed, but the failure was not detected by the failure message.

Take Reverse Route

Click to immediately speed-walk the directions shown in the "reverse route" box. You might do this if you had walked into a dangerous situation and quickly wished to backtrack.

Make Alias ...

Make an alias from the current auto-map route.

Make Reverse Alias ...

Make an alias from the reverse of the current auto-map route.

Remove Backtracks

If checked, backtracks are removed from mapping sequence, if unchecked they are left there. A backtrack is defined as going one direction, immediately followed by its "opposite". For example, north followed by south. The intention here is that if you are walking along a street, say, and poppping into shops, trying to find the right one, the auto-map sequence won't be filled up with a lot of "change of mind" directions. eg.

Without backtracks removed:


With backtracks removed:

4N E

Convert to Regular Expression

Converts the failure message from a standard message to a regular expression.

Edit Failure Message

Opens a dialog box to make editing the failure message easier.

See Also ...


Speed walking


(Mapper) Shows the mapping dialog


Special Map Movement


(AddMapperComment) Adds a comment to the auto-map sequence
(AddToMapper) Adds a mapping direction to the auto-map sequence
(DeleteAllMapItems) Deletes the all items from the auto-mapper sequence.
(DeleteLastMapItem) Deletes the most recently-added item from the auto-mapper sequence.
(EnableMapping) Enables or disables the auto-mapper
(GetMappingCount) Gets a count of the number of items in the auto-map sequence
(GetMappingItem) Gets one item from the auto-map sequence
(GetMappingString) Returns the speedwalk string generated by the auto-mapper.
(Mapping) A flag to indicate whether we are mapping the world
(RemoveMapReverses) A flag to indicate whether we backtracks are removed during mapping

(Help topic: dialog=IDD_MAPPER)

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