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MUSHclient Version 3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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For more information about the status of MUSHclient reported bugs and suggestions, and which bugs are fixed in which version, see the MUSHclient bug list.

FAQ updated 5th September 2000.

Q. I cannot resize my command (input) window.

A. This occurs if you have not yet saved your world file (ie. on a new world). Save the world file to disk and then you can resize the command window.

Q. My output buffer starts scrolling backwards after a while when new input arrives.

A. This problem has been corrected in recent versions of MUSHclient.

Q. I am running a MUD/MUSH/MU* server on my own PC. How do I connect to it without dialing into the Internet?

A. Connect to IP address Alternatively, type "localhost" as the name of the server. In either case, you will connect to your own PC, without having to use your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Q. Are my old world files compatible with version 3?

A. Yes, MUSHclient version 3 will read world (and trigger, alias etc.) files produced by earlier versions. However, earlier versions will not read files produced by version 3. You are advised to backup your world and other files, in case you wish to go back to an earlier version.

Q. I have already registered an earlier version of MUSHclient. Do I need to register again?

A. No, registered users of earlier versions will be issued with a registration number to use with Version 3. No further shareware fee is payable.

Q. Output from my world arrives too quickly to read. Is there a "page" feature, so I can read a page at a time?

A. Yes.

  1. First, put MUSHclient into "pause" mode (Ctrl+Space).
  2. Then as, output arrives, read it, and press "page down" (key) to read each subsequent page.
  3. So you know whether or not there is more input, the bottom RH corner of the status line show "MORE" in inverse, if there is more input received (in other words, if the scroll thumb is not at the bottom of the page). There is a configuration option to start in paused mode (on the "Output" tab of world configuratio).

Q. Sometimes it will pause the scrolling automatically, and the MORE sign appears. Is it supposed to do this, or can this auto pause be turned off?

A. You must have placed the program into pause mode by pressing Ctrl+Space (or pressed the pause button on the button bar). Just press Ctrl+Space again until the button pops up.

Q. Reconnect on link failure and reconnect on disconnect, are those the same things? In any case, they seem to operate a bit oddly, as even a disconnect using QUIT will be followed by a reconnect.

A. They are the same. "Reconnect on link failure" is reworded in version 2.02 onwards. To stop reconnecting after a QUIT use the "quit" menu item (ie. type Shift+Ctrl+Q), rather than typing QUIT, so the program knows not to reconnect.

Q. The scripting function looks very interesting, but unfortunately I know nothing about programming. Will you consider publishing any scripts nice people might send in on the Mushclient homepage?

A. Yes, certainly. Due to time constraints the scripting aspect of MUSHclient is not particularly well-documented. Please see my "scripting examples" web page. Any scripts submitted by users are welcome. For more details see the scripting information page. You can also see a list of all inbuilt script functions.

Q. With log files, would it be possible to add a few more items which can possibly be omitted, such as OOC speech. Or, even better, could it be made fully customizable so anyone could add any number of strings they wanted omitted?

A. That is easily done now. Set up a trigger to match what you want to omit from the log file, leave the "Send" box blank (so it doesn't send anything back to the world) and check "omit from log file".

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