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MUSHclient benchmarks

Where are the comparisons?

This page used to list comparisons between the time taken by 16 different clients to list a large file. However keeping it up-to-date is proving a bit tedious, as it is time-consuming every six months or so, for 16 clients, to

Some clients have released newer versions which are faster than were previously listed on this page, so it is not fair to leave the old figures lying around indefinitely.

Thus, we will just list the time taken by the current version (3.17) of MUSHclient to do various things. You can compare those times to other clients if you like. Of course, running the tests on a faster PC will tend to make any program run faster, so you should really compare your program to MUSHclient on the same PC.

To be fair, most of the leading clients seem to perform very well in terms of speed, with the earlier benchmarks showing that the top ones can display around 4,000 lines of text in between 2 and 15 seconds. In practice, that is fast enough for mudding purposes.

Still the fastest

On the basis of recent re-testing (April 2002) we stick by our claim that MUSHclient is the fastest MUD client (based on the tests described below), however if someone wants to submit the name of a client that they have tested as being faster, then we will withdraw that claim, if we can reproduce it.

Our benchmarks

The tests were conducted on a 450 Mhz Pentium III running Windows 98. This was connected via a LAN to a fast PC running OpenBSD 3.0 as a simple telnet server. The output window was set to 100 columns, 22 rows, displaying Courier New font, 10 point size. In global configuration "smoother scrolling" was enabled. The output buffer was set to 10,000 lines.

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 Test 6 Test 7
Raw speed Colours Arial font Non-matching triggers Matching triggers Script execution MXP parsing
MUSHclient 3.17 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.8 7.2 3 3.6

Test last run on 17th April 2002. Times are in seconds. In each case, because MUSHclient is so fast, we actually ran the test 5 times and divided the result by 5. The exact tests, with notes, are as follows:

What were the tests?

Other benchmarks

If you know of other benchmarks please let us know so we can add them to the list of URLs above.

Submitting a faster client

If you believe another client is faster than MUSHclient, running on the same PC, please email us with your measured times. Don't just write in saying you "think" client X is faster, or "it must be faster" because it is a console application, or is written in a certain way. We are interested in actual, measured results. The information above should be sufficient to reproduce the tests, the files we used are available for downloading. We also want the figures you got for MUSHclient on the same PC, as you can always get faster figures by comparing MUSHclient on a slow PC to another client on a fast PC. Also please supply the URL from which we can download the client to confirm your results.

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