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MUSHclient - FreeWare MUD client program.


Version 5.05 of MUSHclient now released.

Read the FAQ! (mushclient.com/faq). If you are new to MUSHclient see the Getting Started part of the Forum.

See also:

Topic Description Posts Views
Announcements The latest news and updates for MUSHclient. 233 561,690
Beta testing Comments on beta-test versions of MUSHclient. 63 66,643
Bug reports Report MUSHclient bugs here. 5,208 3,384,858
Development For developers of the MUSHclient source code (the C++) code itself. 552 395,312
General If you can't work out how to get something to work properly, post your question here. 18,345 12,740,109
Getting Started Hints on getting started with MUSHclient. 237 311,318
International Localization of MUSHclient into languages other then English. 175 217,561
Jscript Scripting in Jscript. 654 597,750
Lua Scripting in Lua. 6,539 5,027,139
Miniwindows Miniwindows scripting. 1,477 1,016,729
MXP and Pueblo MUSHclient's implementation of support for Mud eXtension Protocol (MXP), and Pueblo-enabled servers. 546 515,975
Perlscript Scripting in Perlscript. 349 360,421
Plugins Plugins for MUSHclient. 4,306 3,933,837
Python Scripting in Python. 849 763,440
Suggestions Use this forum to make suggestions for future enhancements in MUSHclient. 4,268 3,088,287
Tips and tricks This forum describes tips, tricks, and other ideas for getting the most out of MUSHclient. 2,359 2,264,744
VBscript Scripting in VBscript. 2,895 2,677,155
Wine Using MUSHclient under Wine (Linux). 278 354,523

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