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Name: Ben K
Country: USA
Age: 34
On since: Tue 03 May 2011
Biography: I am a conceptual artist at heart. I began writing fiction and poetry before leaving grade school, and later turned these skills to forums that others can more easily enjoy - namely, Multi-User-Dungeons/Dimensions (MUDs). My first MUD experience came with Synergy, a medieval/fantasy text-based game that I played during my high school years. After completing high school, the administrators of Synergy offered me the chance to become a Wiz (Liege) for Synergy and begin coding areas and objects using LPC and Unix commands. My imagination and attention to detail quickly had me promoted to the status of an Arch/Assistant Admin. Unfortunately, Synergy closed in early 2011. I am now looking for ways to create my own virtual world that I can share with others, while still working on my writing and art.
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